TS-1 Titanium Silicon Molecular sieve

TS-1 Molecular Sieve has a three-dimensional pore structure is composed of two sets of ten membered ring channel and a set of ninemembered ring channel interleaving composition, molar group hasbecome (0.001 ~ 0.2) TiO2: SiO2.TS-1 Molecular Sieve Ti atoms replace part of aluminum atoms insilicon aluminium molecular sieve and into, which belongs to ZSM-5 series zeolite molecular sieve, with the MFI structure, composed ofsilicon oxygen tetrahedron and titanium oxygen tetrahedron primarystructural unit, connecting through the oxygen bridge, constitute asecondary structure unit of five membered rings, and further to form a three-dimensional porous skeleton, pore structure with two-dimensional MFI molecular sieve, parallel to the a axis of the ten membered ring is in a S shape, aperture of 0.51nm * 0.55nm, ten membered ring and linearly parallel to the b axis direction,aperture of 0.54nm * 0.56nm.
UseTS-1 Molecular Sieve is produced by our company, the averagediameter of 50-60m, minimum close to 10m, the maximum is less than 105m, uniform particle size distribution.TS-1 Molecular Sievecan be used as catalytic oxidation catalyst,is widely used in oxidation, epoxidation and amidoximation reaction.For example, a catalyst for the production of propylene oxide,catalyst for the production of cyclohexanone oxime.
TS-1 titanium silicon molecular sieve

Index Unit Figure
Index of single digit (SiO2/TiO2) The molar ratio 25-40
The sodium content of Wt% 0.01%
The grain size of um 0.2-0.4
Bulk Density g/ml 0.55±0.1
specific surface area g m2/g ≥450
Water content Wt% < 2%
Packing Bag/drum 25kg
The reaction performance of amine oxime
Raw material conversion rate (%) ≥99.9%
The epoxidation reaction performance(%) ≥99%
The one-way service life ≥240hour
The total life ≥3000hour
The properties of epoxy reaction
The epoxidation reaction performance(%) ≥99.9%
Product selectivity (%) ≥95%
Life ≥400hour