Customer Service

Julong customer service team is your advocate for getting things done. Our representative will help you choose the correct material to screen in your application and arrange for the materials to be sampled to you. All of our marketing representatives are experienced technical personnel with extensive knowledge of our products and services.

Quality Assurance

At Jiulong Chemical quality assurance is a key element in our customer satisfaction program – and it’s a way of life at all of our manufacturing facilities. Our production plants are all ISO 9002 certified. Our quality improvement practices optimize all facets of zeolite production, from the laboratory to the plant.

Custom Zeolite

Since its inception, Jiulong has developed and produced custom zeolite products for a variety of companies in many application areas. In developing custom zeolites, we have moved customer laboratory-scale material to commercial production, and we have custom tailored standard commercial materials for customer-specific processes.

If your need is for a particular zeolite material which you have developed or licensed, our technical experts can assist with scale-up and manufacture of the final product. If you are investigating a completely new application for zeolites, we can suggest starting materials and possible modifications, provide test quantities, perform detailed analyses of critical zeolite properties, and manufacture the new product specifically for your process.


Jiulong Chemical has many years of experience producing proprietary materials and follows industry accepted standards for maintaining customer confidentiality regarding all aspects of a project. We are structured in a manner that assures separation of information from personnel not directly associated with the custom project. This non-disclosure includes personnel in our parent companies.