FCC Additives

When using shape-selective zeolite-based active ingredient propylene prolific production of highly active additives, curing and FCC FCC primary catalyst in combination, can increase the yield of LPG and propylene. The catalytic additives have a higher selective catalytic activity. It has good abrasion resistance and particle size distributi

Item Unite    Spec
  Appearance / white flowing microspheres
BET M2/g  135
Attrition Index %h-1 1.5
Bulk Density g/ml 0.72
Pore Volume ml/g     0.35
Na2O wt% 0.10
Al2O3 wt% 28
LOI wt% 5
D50 um 83
0-20 um 4
0-40 um 13
0-149 um 92